hi i'm martin.
I'm a software developer who likes Javascript, React, and UX. I'm currently a frontend developer at SentinelOne Inc.

Work Experience

Cornell University.

Software Development Lead

Frontend lead for the team that develops and maintains Cornell’s in-house Course Management System, used by over 8000 students and course staff every semester. Currently leading projects to improve initial load time, improve code reuse, and rewrite the user documentation site.

React, Typescript, Java

Bandwidth Inc.

Software Developer II

Worked on company’s web dashboard, which is built with React, Typescript, Redux, and SWR. Created unit, functional, and integration tests using Jest, React Testing Library, & Cypress.

Front-end lead on initiative to globalize the company’s dashboard to support international customers

React, Typescript, Material UI, Jest, Cypress

SentinelOne Inc.

Software Developer, Frontend

Adding features to web console/dashboard. Testing them with Playwright

React, Typescript, Nx, Material UI, Playwright



A photo spot recommender. Give the app a city and some photo genres (nature, skyline, etc.), and ViewFinder parses Google reviews and returns photo spots you might like! Note: the backend server uses Heroku's free tier so there will be a ~30 second startup delay

Flask, Python, Axios, React


HPJS is a Javascript hyperparameter optimization library for tensorflow.js machine learning models. I built the website showcasing the library. The frontend uses React/Next.JS with Tensorflow.js to showcase examples of the library in action. I build the backend with Python, using Django, Postgres, and GraphQL

Django, Python, Postgres, GraphQL, Gatsby, React

This Website!

I built this portfolio website with Gatsby, Tylescript and Styled Components. My goals for this site were to (1) learn Gatsby and Styled Components (2) Create a website using no external styling libraries (so all CSS is written by me) and (3) have somewhere to show off my projects

Gatsby, Styled Components, React, Typescript